I was all ready to go to Iceland to celebrate Eve's 10th Anniversary when the true real-life horror started hitting. My legal troubles hit the fan, closing a business, alimony, threats, debts and lots of fancy expensive lawyers. It quickly became obvious that a hobby-based trip to Iceland wasn't in the cards for me.

Thanks to Seismic Stan at Freebooted, who felt sorry that I wasn't able to attend Fanfest that year, FlatRixx enjoyed the festivities on my behalf.

FlatRixx puts Weebooted to sleep with his tales of adventure.
( And everyone said, awwwww :)

FlatRixx doesn't remember this happening!!

Richie Shoemaker of EON fame, sneaks FlatRixx onto stage during a LIVE event!
That man has a pair, FlatRixx knows! He's seen 'em!!

Now Hilmar, about that open Executive Producers position...
FlatRixx would be perfect!

Hilmar telling everyone just how FlatRixx saved Fanfest!

So many interviews for FlatRixx! Hurry up Seleene, the people
want to hear from FlatRixx

Kurt is not a babe, but he can kill TQ! So respect from FlatRixx!

Moar Babes!! FlatRixx is having good times!

FlatRixx is strong sex panther with the ladies!
(The always fab Diana Dial)

What happens in Iceland stays in Iceland.
(Where has that thing been Sindel?)

FlatRixx cannot play DUST! He has no arms! Argh!!

Tarsisis and Idunn Aasgard, married at Fanfest by Hilmar, enjoying drinks with FlatRixx

FlatRixx looks on as his #1 Fan marries the lucky couple!

FlatRixx enjoying the Fanfest "goodie" bag with his best buddy!

FlatRixx told you to stop drinking! But nooooo...

Mat "Butter-fingers" Freebooted losses HolyRixx down the rabbit hole!
FlatRixx shall be forever a part of you Iceland!!

EON is no more, but Richie and FlatRixx are still BFFs!

Why does FlatRixx get the middle seat!?

There are 3 FlatRixx headed to Iceland

FlatRixx sees you Mat! What are you doing?!

FlatRixx makes an appearance in the documentary A Tale of Internet Spaceships!!